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Erin helped us clean out 10+ years' worth of chaos and clutter from our home. I had been feeling claustrophobic, overwhelmed, and frozen. Erin was able to come in with a fresh set of eyes and see options that had not occurred to us. She was willing and able to do any task involved, from de-cluttering, to furniture arranging, to building us a new set of shelves. Her assistant, Katelyn, was also incredibly kind and patient with us, and extremely helpful with going through our junk and envisioning better ways to organize things. After working with them, I honestly feel like I can just breathe better in my own home. I'm very grateful for Erin's hard work, dedication, energy, and patience in working with us and helping make our house back into a place where I want to spend my time.
Augie F.
After a big kitchen renovation and a year traveling out of town caring for an ill family member, nothing in my house was where it was supposed to be! It was really overwhelming to know where to start to get things back in shape, feeling organized, and looking nice. Erin came and worked with me one morning a week for just 3 weeks, and we got so much done!! In that time we got through two bedrooms & their closets, a bathroom, a basement & storage/laundry area. Erin made the process so fun, ran up and down the stairs a million times, and took everything away to recycle or donate at the end of the day. She had sensible, cost-effective suggestions and also beautiful design ideas. She was even willing to assign me some “homework” each week so I could keep working on my own, and was so kind & encouraging along the way. If you’re on the fence about working with an organizer, please call Erin - you’ll be so glad you did! :)
Helen D.
Erin is a true genius at organization - working with her was a delight and worth every penny. She came into our finished basement space, which at the time was chaotically serving as office, toddler playroom, tv room, closet, and laundry room, and quickly and completely transformed the space without much direction except for “help!” Not only did she glean what style we might want and what functionality my husband needed in his office, but beyond just organizing, she saw things I couldn’t even have imagined and improved the space (and some small others, including my closet!) beyond my wildest dreams. This was all without much on-hands instruction from my husband or me – we had initial discussions and brief chats at the beginning of the day or via email, but then she came in and independently did her thing which was ideal for us. That area has now become not only functional but enjoyable, and dare I say even really nice looking, which I never would have thought possible. And the utility of how things are organized has made a huge difference in our day-to-day lives. Thank you, Erin, and to anyone who is considering using her services, stop reading and contact her now! Your mental health will thank you.
Emily G.
I have seen Erin take the most overwhelming amount of mess and completely transform it into a practical and sophisticated space. She is a delightful and tactful individual to have guiding through the rejuvenation of a neglected space.
Katelyn A.
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