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hello, i'm erin stushek

Uniting my diverse passions for European refinement, vintage and antique aesthetics, and the artistry of interior design, I embark on each project with a focused goal: to craft spaces that exude tranquility and elegance.

Originally from the heartland of Wisconsin, my formative years were characterized by an unyielding curiosity for exploration and a talent for reshaping my environment. Armed with degrees in wildlife ecology, research management, and conservation biology, I ventured into the verdant landscapes of Central and South America, immersing myself in the study of wildlife conservation, particularly with majestic creatures like jaguars.

Now rooted in Charlottesville, Virginia, I am cultivating my passion for interior design—a discipline that seamlessly merges my love for visual harmony, travel, and a deep appreciation of our natural world. I infuse each project with a harmonious fusion of comfort, serenity, and ingenuity.

My adventurous spirit leads me on many adventures traversing the enchanting scenery of Europe, where I am captivated by the intricate blend of history and design. Each city I visit leaves an indelible imprint on my aesthetic sensibilities.

During my leisure time, I immerse myself in nature, seeking out new adventures and experiencing different cuisines, cultures, and destinations around the globe. Whether exploring remote landscapes or discovering the vibrant energy of bustling cities, my love for travel serves as a constant source of inspiration in my design journey.

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